About Us


Welcome to Hitman Vaping's official website! We're a group of young vape enthusiasts that felt there was a lack of variety when it comes to e-juices. You can always find your sweet, tarty, tobacco, and minty flavours, but what about something that's just a bit out of your comfort zone?

So we went ahead and crafted 7 new flavours of vape juice that have been inspired by your favourite weekend cocktail selection! While it may have taken us too many attempts to get the flavours right, we only had to nail it once, and nail it we did!

With the help of dedicated business partners who are extremely knowledgeable in the bartending industry, their mixology skills allowed us to break down the flavours and notes of each cocktail we've recreated and put each essential flavour into an e-juice variant.

We're extremely proud to be releasing these flavours out nationwide, but more importantly, are unbelievably excited to meet avid vapers in the community, continuously create social events, and get all the feedback we want or don't want to hear (but need to hear), to always improve our current and future lines.

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We are committed to ensuring your vaping experience is as safe as possible and have excluded using any concentrates that contain potentially harmful additives. To create these flavours, we use sustainable USP grade vegetable glycerin and USP grade propelyn glycol as our base ingredients, while the flavour concentrates used are sourced from a small handful of the world's most reputable concentrate manufacturers. You’ll find no traces of palm oil, overly sweet sweeteners, or Diacetyl in any of our e-liquids. 


Michael, Eugene, Denis from Hitman Vaping