Crafted by experienced bartenders and avid vapers with many years in the industry, Hitman Vaping is the first brand of it's kind. We specialize in exotic e-liquids based on popular cocktails such as the classic Gin & Tonic, the timeless Espresso Martini, and the ever-so-famous Rum & Coke, to name a few. 


"Think top shelf spiced rum mixed perfectly into cola so that you are just nailing them back in pure heaven. My favourite from the sample pack."

Instagram @drewski.cka


"Love this one! Sweet & fruity. The notes of the fruity flavours really work well with the dryness of the vodka. I could vape this one all day!"

Kylz Kennerly


"Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing ejuice. The flavours are exactly what they are supposed to be. A rum and coke tastes like a rum and coke! The whole range is more complex than any other liquid I have tried. If you are looking for something different than fruit or dessert flavours I would highly recommend this brand."

Instagram @birdman_69


Every puff of that rum and coke reminds me of the times I wiped my hard drive on the Bundy. Love it

Ben Aiken


All of our E-Liquids are manufactured in Australia in a safe and sterile environment, to the highest standards in the industry, using a state-of-the-art ISO-6 certified clean room.

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